PLATINUM Stock Transfer is driven by four philosophies; customer
    satisfaction, affordability, stability and security. It's principles have in excess of 30 years
    experience in the financial industry in investment banking, brokerage and stock transfer.
     Having survived the highs and lows in the world of high finance over the last three
    decades, we are committed to keeping overhead low which keeps issuers costs

    The transfer system we utilize is nothing short of state of the art and was designed
    for one of New York’s largest banks. The information retained in our database is available
    24/7.  We can be reached on any given day at any given time and have one of the most
    affordable fee schedules in the industry. Reports such as shareholder lists, certificates,
    issued and outstanding etc. are only a phone call or email away.  Issuers are offered
    unlimited emailed reports free of charge.  

    Our services include issuance of new stock, transfer, cancellation, record retention,
    and corporate actions such as name changes, reverse and forward splits. Additionally, we
    offer state of the art security and practice every safeguard known to the industry to ensure
    your records are secure.  

    For added affordability, certificates are designed
    and produced in house.  The certificate paper we utilize is the same quality security paper
    used by one of the largest global bank's for their check writing.  The database utilized
    is backed up locally and at an off site facility ensuring your records are secure in the event
    of a catastrophe.

    PLATINUM Stock Transfer Inc is registered with the SEC and FINRA.
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